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If you feel as though your swimming pool can use a minor upgrade, a thorough remodel or a serious facelift, you might want to consider a professional pool remodeling project from AZ Pool Resurfacing & Remodeling. We are not only a swimming pool resurfacing and remodeling company serving the Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, East Valley and most surrounding areas, we’re also the only "StoneScape Approved Applicator" for the entire state of Arizona.

Our trained professional swimming pool remodeling team can give your swimming pool a remodeling project you’ll fall in love with. AZ Pool Resurfacing provides unrivaled quality in pool remodeling and renovation projects for your swimming pool. We will transform your backyard into that pristine and thrilling design you've imagined. We soundly believe that a satisfied happy customer is the only acceptable conclusion to every pool project.


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Our Remodeling Project Promise

From the beginning of the pool renovation, through the demolition, and the construction phases, our remodeling team will not cut a single corner. We will have a "Company Inspector/Quality Control" professional inspect and keep our office and you updated on the progress with each phase. We will treat your swimming pool as if it was our own and provide totally excellent communication every step of the way. We know how important it is to plan accordingly and the importance to communicate clearly any delays, should they occur.

Is it time to Renovate your swimming pool?

  • Update your swimming pool interior surface, decking, and tiles
  • Update your existing pool equipment and features
  • Add new pool features & equipment
  • Convert your pool to saltwater
  • Add Automation to your pool system
  • Change the environment and mood of your backyard with color, water features or fire.
  • Improve your energy efficiency and save money
  • Create an entertaining backyard oasis
  • Create a vacation in your backyard you get to enjoy every day of the year
  • Update and install new longer lasting, brilliantly designed pool finishes

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Pool Renovation Options

Does your swimming pools appearance, pool interior surface, or decking cause you to avoid your own pool or back yard?

The pool and your backyard should be your little paradise! The pride and joy of your home where you, your family and guests can enjoy fun packed days and nights swimming in your remodeled pool, or just personally relaxing by your beautiful pool! We can help you transform your backyard and pool into just that! Today’s pool owners have many pool renovation and pool interior finish options to consider when its to time for renovate or resurfacing their pool. From standard white plaster to the many arrays of colors and blends available in "StoneScape" Mini-Pebble finishes or perhaps you prefer a Quartz finish or a "JewelScape" Glass Bead finishes.

To help guide you through the process of choosing the best renovation or pool interior finish option for your pool, here is some information you should keep in mind as you decide on your pool surface.


Pool Resurfacing using Classic Plaster PlasterScapes



Standard White Plaster has been around as long as people have been building swimming pools and still remains around in spite of all the new and better choices that have come into the market in recent years. Its combination of white cement and white marble aggregate make for an economical but beautiful choice that will give you a smooth classic swimming pool look and feel. You can also reflect the colors of nature in your pool or spa with PlasterScapes® tinted pool plaster. Achieve beautiful, consistent, lasting colors with high quality pigments for a unique, enduring finish.

Pros: When filled with water, pools surfaced in white plaster create a brilliant, clean, light blue appearance that is very smooth to the touch. It still remains the most affordable pool finish product on the market today. Standard white plaster is a reliable product when properly maintained.

Cons: It’s important to know that white plaster is susceptible to all water conditions especially from attacks of improperly maintained chemical conditions. It lasts the least of any other option, therefore making the cost of White Plaster the highest of all the options long term.


Pool Resurfacing using Mini-Pebble 


Perhaps the ultimate answer to most pool surface concerns comes in the form of smooth mini pebble surfaces. Mini Pebble surfaces consist of small, smooth river pebbles embedded throughout the specific blend. The most popular choice these days is StoneScapes® Mini-Pebble finishes because it gives a much smoother surface than what Regular Pebble used too. Over the past decade, “Mini-Pebble” surfaces have increased dramatically in popularity including being installed in most commercial pools, and come in many colors and options. An inviting selection of colors and textures allow pool owners to express their unique Style.  StoneScapes® combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa.

Pros: Pebble surfaces are beautiful, very natural in appearance, come in many colors and are the most durable surface available. Because the stone material that make up the river pebbles it is chemically inert or another way to put it, it is unlikely to react with swimming pool water, chemicals or most conditions and is therefore less impervious to attack or alterations in appearance. Due to the longevity of Mini Pebble, saves money long term and ends up costing less than most other options available.

Cons: Because the surface is made up of pebbles, even though it is much smoother than the traditional pebble, it is slightly more textured than standard plaster surfaces. It is also a little more costly short term vs plaster, and under the some extreme chemical conditions, even pebble surfaces can suffer damage.

Our StoneScapes® mini pebble pool finishes are the perfect pool remodeling solution for a fresh and brand new look and feel! Our Stonescapes® mini pebble finishes combine aesthetics and durability to create the serenity and gracefulness of a pebble-bottomed pool in your own backyard!....and we now offer the option of a "10 Year Warranty" or a "Lifetime Warranty"!

How and Why you ask?... Because while there are other applicators in Arizona, we are the "only" Stonescapes® Certified and Approved Applicator for the entire state of Arizona and the only company authorized through Stonescapes® to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

"Our Stonescapes® natural stone pool finishes bring your unique personality to life easily by taking clues from the world around you - from the cool and fresh colors of an ocean, to the warm explosions of colors in a red-rock desert vista."

Whether you are considering giving your swimming pool remodeling the natural beauty of a pebble-bottomed pool, adding a sprinkle of sparkle or capturing the sparkle and brilliance of the world's finest gems we will help you find and choose a pool resurfacing option that is right for you!

Learn more about the process of choosing the right swimming pool resurfacing option for your next pool remodeling project...God Bless!


Pool Resurfacing using Quartz




A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and mineral-based pigments, QuartzScapes® merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool finish. Natural quartz is one of the world’s strongest minerals and QuartzScapes® interior pool finishes create reliable beauty that will last a long time.

Pros: When combined with white or colored plaster, aggregates afford a broad range of colors, from vivid blues and reds, to more subtle hues such as beige or soft greens as well.  It also has the advantage of creating, a much more durable surface than standard plaster, one that is harder and far more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions.

Cons: It is very slightly more textured than standard plaster surfaces. It is also a little more costly short term vs plaster, and under some extreme chemical conditions, even quartz surfaces can suffer damage.



Pool Quartz Surface Options


Pool Resurfacing using Glass Bead



Capture the sparkle and brilliance of the world’s finest gems in a stunning, amazingly beautiful and durable interior swimming pool finish. Available in array of dazzling colors, JewelScapes® combines the beauty of smooth with an amazing array of colorful glass beads with the highest quality pigments and aggregates for a finish that’s beyond compare.

You can also add the brilliance of JewelScapes® glass to any component or blended pool finish such as Mini-Pebble, Quartz or Plaster. Four exclusive JewelScapes® Glass Blends are a mélange of the most popular glass bead colors, ready to add to the interior finish of your choice to give your pool its own unique sparkle.

Pros: Totally unique, bold, vivid and vibrant with a broad range of beautiful colors to choose from. As Mini Pebble, it also has the advantage of creating, a much more durable surface than standard plaster, one that is harder and far more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions.

Cons: The most expensive option of them all. Under some extreme chemical conditions, even glass bead surfaces can suffer damage.

Pool Glass Bead Surface Colors in Houston
*Some services performed by our sister company "Four Elements Pools Design & Build"