How do I know what size pump and filter I really need?

Your pump and filter will be sized according to the volume of water in your pool. While you might think bigger is better, the truth is that a pool pump that is too big for your pool can cause serious problems, like cloudy water and damaged filters and plumbing. Oversized pumps also waste energy and money.

The main objective of any filtration system is the ability to turn over all the water in your pool at least once within a period of 12 hours at the lowest energy consumption possible. Accomplishing a daily turn-over of the body of water in your pool does not necessitate the use of larger pump, to the contrary, the pool water clarity, the plumbing, the equipment and especially your wallet will benefit from a proper sized pump and filter. Avoiding over sized pumps can help avoid unnecessary costs from wasted energy due to resistance and cavitation, will reduce the pressure on the plumbing and equipment leading to less repairs, longer lasting equipment and plumbing which equals more savings for you. It will also allow the filter to remove finer particles from the water it could not when the water was being shoved through the filter media.

Replacing an oversized pool pump with a high-efficiency unit or upgrade to the industries most energy efficient pool pump at any speed, the Hayward “EcoStar SVRS Variable Speed Pump” can pay for itself in energy savings and reduced power bills in as little as month to just a few years. The four factors you need to know to size the pump that’s right for your pool are:

1. Pool capacity
2. Flow rate and turnover
3. Maximum flow rate
4. Resistance



AZ Pool Resurfacing Options!

“Mini-Pebble” surfaces have increased dramatically in popularity including being installed in most commercial pools. An inviting selection of colors and textures allow pool owners to express their unique Style. StoneScapes® combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa.

JEWELS for POOLS® with BLUE PEARL Pebble Radiance™ is the ultimate in color reflection. This blend of iridescent, multihued, vibrant gem-like glass combined with nature’s own blend of mini pebbles, abalone shell and rich pigments turn this pebble pool finish from ordinary to extraordinary!



The newest innovative most modern blend available in today’s market. Using the smallest sized micro pebble enhanced with the radiant brilliance of iridescent, multi-hued, gem-like glass crystals of Pebble Radiance and abalone shell. Vibrant water hues and ultra smooth finish completes the look and feel of this new interior pool finish.